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Q Job Priest ^^


- Elf Priest

The Rohan Priest Quest requires you to go to Lauke Monastery, slay a bird, then go back and forth to speak with Shailina. Quest is fairly easy, you just need some help in killing the Elysian bird

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest I

1. Start the Rohan Priest Quest by talking to Shailina at the Vena Castle

2. Talk to Leomina at the Crea workshop.

3. Report back to Shailina, she鈥檒l tell you to look for Lacriss

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest II

4. The next part of the rohan priest quest is to  go to Lauke Monastery (I-9),  enter the left door and you will find Lauke.

5. Lacriss will then instruct you to kill the lauke monster located behind the Goddess fountain outside (C5 of Vena map)

6. Report back to Shailina

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest III

7. Shailina will ask you to go at the center stone in Crea workshop.

8. Speak with Shailina again

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest IV

9.  Go to the Temple Marea  and get the scripture on Protection straight out of the box

10. Talk to Shailina

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest V

11.You need to kill the Marea鈥檚 Elysian bird which is near the Goddess fountain.

12. After killing the bird, clicked on the temporary holder/silver box behind it.

13. Go back to Shailina Illia to become a Rohan priest. Congratulations!

Q Job Predator Dewa

1. Predator's Manners
Talk to Gamaharo Huma.. then talk to him again..
He'll ask you to talk to Hizino(melee weapon merchant)
Then talk to Gamaharo Huma.. to finish the quest

2.Kalis' Whereabouts
Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
talk to Avigail(Bindstone Keeper)
she'll point out that you need to kill "dangerous footprints" monster(located at 3 G) to obtain the needed item
then kill another 10 of the monster then report back to Gamaharo Huma

3.Painful Realization
talk to Gamaharo huma
he'll ask you to collect 10 "bones of failure" from serpenter caliphs(Located at 3 I - or the 3 bridges of dharvegawan)
Report back to Gamaharo Huma

4.Secret Without a Trace
Talk to Gamaharo Huma..
He'll ask you to talk to Damats Heartwell..
Go to Sirka Observatory of Kai'non and find the Brand New Statue( Located at 2 G)
Report back to Gamaharo Huma

5.Three Demon's That Are Sealed
Talk to Gamaharo Huma
Go To Liom Map - ( 8 J Location) - you'll find three chests
Open the Chest Of Kamash and kill him..
Then The Chest Of Mara and Kill Him..
Then the Last chest and Obtain a "blood of an Offering"
Report Back to Gamaharo Huma

6.New Mission
Talk to gamaharo Huma..


Buy Portal Stones from the sundries merchant from the gathering hall

    * Artic Sea Portal Stone - For Dangerous Footprints
    * Engraged NetherWorld Portal Stone - For Serpenter Caliphs
    * Bergendy Brewery or Kainon Portal Stone - For Brand New Statue
    * Limestone Foothill Portal Stone - For The Three Demons
By EmpeTy ^^


Elf Templar

*Portal Stones can be bought at Gathering Hall...
*All Boss/Mobs that you need to kill doesnt hurt much w/ good equips...

1.When you reach lvl 50 talk to Viviana Nadiv in Vena to start Templar Job Change.

2. Talk to Palasina @ (I4) Blooming Sorrow Bindstone (Vena)

3. Talk to Riphalia @ (F3) Orc Fortress Bindstone

4. Talk to Guliermo @ (F2) Dragon Eyes Bindstone (Vena)

5. Return to Viviana Nadiv

6. Talk to Lacriss inside Luake Monastery Between I/J in Vena

7. Go to Armana Manor @ (C3/4), you can go there by Orc Fortress or GH... (use the road between Orc Fort and Manor)
These one is a little hard to do if your going solo and got poor armors... (Avoid as much as you can)
it is overrun by Elder Banshee lvl 47 magic/range mobs... (Ouch!)
at the center of the Manor open the Chest called (Book of Spiritual Eyes)...

8. Return to Viviana Nadiv

9. Tele to Limestone Foothill and follow river edge to proceed to (F2 near F1) where you well find the Amazons...
10. Return to Viviana Nadiv

11. Go to Goddess Fountain but dont follow the road in
Upper Left corner of C5 you well find some Chest and some Mobs
Open a Chest and a Golem well come out Kill it to get the Quest Item... Open and Kill until you finish... 
12. Return to Viviana Nadiv (She will give you a Mace keep it you'll need it)

13. Go to any Crystal Quarry that you think is the nearest... (Montt for me)

pass by the 1st road going left
follow 2nd Road going left
follow 1st Road going down
keep going down, you should be able to see the portal, now enter

follow the road that splits to the left
follow the road down
just go down until a big room where the Quest is...

Kill the 2 Souls with magic 1st (Holy Light)
Equip "Ancient Scepter" to Kill Boss (Highly Magic Resistant use Melee)
Get a Good Armor Set

and your done... it should be a breeze if you follow the Tips...

14. Return to Viviana Nadiv, Congrat now you is Templar GG ^^  


- Half Elf Ranger
1. At the village of Half Elves (Kainon) speak with Senecca, tell her that you wish to become a ranger. Your task is to kill the Orc Boss and 10 Orc Warriors.
2. Report back to Senecca after you accomplished killing them

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest II

3. Talk to Lachet (Kai鈥檔on Magic Weapon Merchant)
4. Go back to Senecca and get rohan quest part 3

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest III

5. You need to go to Felix鈥檚 record marbles. First record marble is located in Vena鈥檚 Crea workshop in Via Marea map
6. Felix鈥檚 second marble is located  near Juba鈥檚 Waterclock in Del Lagos map
7. The third Felix鈥檚 record marble is located near Limestone foothil, Varvylon map

8. Felix鈥檚 fourth marble is near the Topaz Quarry, Geizan map.
9. After going to all these locations, report back to Senecca for the four part of the rohan ranger quest

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest IV

10. The Rohan Ranger Quest part IV requires you to acquire the Fragment of Ohn from the boss Lord of Flames located in Varvylon (J4)

11. Go back to Senecca

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest V

12. Speak with Zhonat Rotus then go back to Senecca. Congratulations, you are now a Rohan ranger

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